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Italian Constitutional Reform

The “Urgent” Solution to a Non-Existent Problem

“The reform of the second part of the Constitution cannot wait any longer.” This sentence from the introductory report to …

Oceti Sakowin Resistance Camp, Standing Rock, ND.  Photo Credit: Jaida L Grey Eagle

#NODAPL Syllabus Project

On behalf of the New York City Stands with Standing Rock Collective

As Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars and organizers who engage in studies of Indigenous life, politics, and education, settler colonialism, and …

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Sadism in Poland

The proposed abortion bill was an attack on women, nothing else

Since the beginning of Law and Justice Party (PiS) rule in Poland, the right-wing government has accustomed Poles to regulations …

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The Order is Rapidly Fadin’

Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize

The Internet has been ablaze with celebration and criticism as the news broke that musician Bob Dylan had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Dylan’s win against traditional novelists and poets is both surprising and significant, but the importance of the Nobel prize has little to do with Dylan the musician and more to do with the American literary tradition that he represents. Some commentators, especially, are bemoaning that Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature has cheated  …

Dylan with Joan Baez at the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington © Rowland Scherman | National Archives
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On Dylan Anxiety

Bob Dylan is the 2016 Nobel Laureate in Literature. Some people love it, some people hate it. That’s to be expected. But why do the people who hate it, hate it so much?

There are all sorts of possible explanations, and certainly more than one of them has purchase. We can imagine that producers of literature and others directly interested in the form are concerned about intrusions into their particular form of cultural production. The reassignment of Dylan from folk songwriter to member of the literati threatens their particular share …

Category Anxiety: Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

Category Anxiety: Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

It’s been a weird year (the weirdest I can remember at least), and Thursday morning’s announcement that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature made it weirder still. But, overall, it is weird in a welcome way.

Pre-announcement speculation centered on the possibility that the prize might be awarded to an American. Given that Toni …


Public Seminar ReviewVolume 1, Issue 2
Second Semester/Summer 2014

The second semester of the Public Seminar is over, and the papers are now in, presented in this our second issue. Here you find short and long essays, supplemented by visual presentations around five major themes: Capitalism and its Alternatives, Democracy and its Enemies, Identities, the Arts and Literature, and Media, Memory and Miscellaneous. Note, though, that the pieces in fact address each other between and among these categories, as they consider “fundamental problems of the human condition and pressing problems of the day, using the broad resources of social research,” staying true to the mission statement of Public Seminar, and to the scholarly and public project of our academic home, The New School for Social Research. -Jeffrey Goldfarb

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