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For the Green New Deal / Against Ideology

Ideology looms as a threat to human decency, justice and survival

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Mass Psychology of Crisis

For a structural analysis of financialization and against the use of “fascism” as a scare tactic

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Two Cheers for Impeachment

The political “risks” are not that great, and they are worth taking

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Reading the Mueller Report: a Series

You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime you just might find -- you know how to read.


Public Seminar ReviewVolume 1, Issue 2
Second Semester/Summer 2014

The second semester of the Public Seminar is over, and the papers are now in, presented in this our second issue. Here you find short and long essays, supplemented by visual presentations around five major themes: Capitalism and its Alternatives, Democracy and its Enemies, Identities, the Arts and Literature, and Media, Memory and Miscellaneous. Note, though, that the pieces in fact address each other between and among these categories, as they consider “fundamental problems of the human condition and pressing problems of the day, using the broad resources of social research,” staying true to the mission statement of Public Seminar, and to the scholarly and public project of our academic home, The New School for Social Research. -Jeffrey Goldfarb

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