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The Revolution in Rojava

On October 22, the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies, Dissent, and the Center for Secular Space presented a special discussion with the Kurdish activists Dilar Dirik and Zozan Alush in conversation with Meredith Tax on The Revolution in Rojava. 

You’d think it would be big news that there’s a liberated area in the Middle East led by socialist-feminists, where people make decisions through local councils and women hold 40% of leadership positions. You’d think it would be even bigger news that their militias are winning territory from ISIS. But many on the U.S. left have yet to hear the story of the Rojava cantons — Afrin, Cizîre, and Kobani — in northern Syria, or western Kurdistan.

Dilar Dirik is a Kurdish activist and a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. Her writings can be found at

Zozan Alush is a Kurdish women’s rights activist from Rojava and a newscaster at Ronahi TV.

Meredith Tax is a writer and activist in New York and a founder of the Centre for Secular Space. Read her April 2015 article on Rojava for Dissent here:

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