Book notes from 2016

These are the books I read and got around to working up notes on in 2016.

Some will appear in much revised and edited form in: McKenzie Wark, General Intellects (Verso, 2017): https://www.versobooks.com/books/2446-general-intellects 

Some are lecture notes from 2016 classes, some for future classes in Liberal Studies at The New School: http://www.newschool.edu/nssr/liberal-studies/

Judith Butler, Notes Towards a Performative Theory of Assembly (Harvard) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/06/butler/

Paul Gilroy, Darker Than Blue (Harvard) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/07/gilroy/

Donna Haraway, Manifestly Haraway (Minnesota) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/06/kith/

Chris Kraus, I Love Dick (Semiotexte) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/08/ild/

Angela McRobbie, Be Creative (Polity) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/06/class-gender-and-creative-industries/

Achille Mbembe, On the Postcolony (U California Press) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/09/mbembe/

Chantal Mouffe, Agonistics (Verso) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/06/mouffe/

Gerald Raunig, Dividuum (Semiotexte) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/11/dividuum/

Anna Tsing, Friction (Princeton UP) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/09/friction/

Paolo Virno, Grammar of the Multitude (Semiotexte) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/07/virno/

Paolo Virno, When Word Becomes Flesh (Semiotexte)  http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/07/virno3/

Erik Olin Wright, Class Today (Verso) http://www.publicseminar.org/2016/02/eric-olin-wright-class-today/

McKenzie Wark

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