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Black Lives Don’t Matter

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#23 Ways you could be killed if you are black in America

“The news reminds me that bodies like mine are beaten”

White Riots vs Black Protests

Michelle Materre

  • Charlie Sargent

    They don’t matter a damned bit to me; not a bit more than white lives in spite of the racial unrest Barack Obama and Eric Holder; both individuals a blight uoon the black race.

  • Teh truth

    Dear niggers, We do not hate you cause you are black. We hate you because you lack the nessesary human social skills it takes to fit along in society. You idolize the biggest nigger knocks in history (you call them rappers). You stand in the road and stare at people funny for driving on it, your skin is scaley, you destroyed the towns white people were nice enough to give you. You are lucky you aren’t cleaning our cities for us for free. Stop actig like trash and we will stop killing you like trash MAYBE.

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