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Millions March Throughout Country on Inauguration Anniversary

Hundreds of thousands in New York City


It was called a Women’s March, and it took place on the first anniversary of the massive women’s march on Washington after Trump’s inauguration. But women and women’s rights were only one of several themes. The most prevalent theme was opposition to everything Trump has done and said, before and after his swearing in as President. This was tied in to voting as the way to end his regime.

The march was preceded by two hours of speakers. Most were entertainers. The highest elected official was New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who declared himself against white supremacy and male supremacy.

People with mobility problems occupied the space closest to the speaker stage. They may have been the only participants were who weren’t squished.

The camera riser was fifty feet away. It was overcrowded long before the speeches started.

Photographers climbed onto a trailer holding a jumbotron in order to photograph the crowd standing on Central Park West waiting to march. The cops told them to get down. It was later announced that people were packed between barricades all the way to 86th St.

Cops kept out those trying to join the crowd from side streets below 72 nd St.

The march started an hour later than scheduled. People were very impatient.

It began with a band. There was no banner.

Some people marched as part of an organization. Few of these carried large banners, though there were some small ones.

Most people marched with friends and family carrying handmade signs.

There were a lot of children and dogs. Cats and kittens were only present on signs.

A few blocks into the march, Whoopi Goldberg was stopped by the press for questions. There had been no time for press questions after the rally. She answered a few then told them to back off. She was there to march.

Although women’s rights was a major theme, it was only one theme. Issues were diverse.

Observers stood on the bluffs in Central Park and peered from the windows of adjoining buildings. They may have wanted to join the march, but couldn’t get through the police barricades that lined the march route.

Throughout the afternoon, the marchers and the signs kept coming. Many of those who marched the furthest down CPW didn’t even turn on 59th St. to finish the formal march to the end. They just marched into the Columbus Circle subway station and left, having had enough for one day.

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