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Protect Mueller

Demonstrations in Washington show unwavering support for Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Progressive groups called for protests throughout the nation to demand that President Trump not interfere with the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian attempts to affect US elections.​
​The effort to SAVE MUELLER was prompted by the forced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on November 7, the day after election day. Sessions had recused himself from the Mueller investigation whereas his replacement had not.​
Thousands of people turned out in hundreds of cities around the country on less than 24 hours notice. About one thousand gathered in Lafayette Park across from the White House.​
No one was surprised that themes of the rallies were basically anti-Trump.​
Fear was also a theme.​
Many people brought their own signs, some recycled from previous demonstrations.​
Indeed the people who declared that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW had probably broken it many times when committing civil disobedience as part of a protest.​

Old RESIST signs were passed out along with newer ones demanding INVESTIGATE TRUMP.​
Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress speaks to the crowd as darkness falls.​
A few took their message directly to the White House, in case anyone was watching.​

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