Let My People Stay

That was the message at Lights for Liberty night

On July 12, tens of thousands of people gathered in over 700 cities to protest the treatment of those crossing the US border, mostly from Central America, asking for asylum. It was held Friday night so that hand-held lights could be used to end the rallies in a show of solidarity. The New York City rally was held in Foley Square.

Printed signs were plentiful.

Homemade signs were scarce.

Several politicians were present.

Including Reps. Jerry Nadler and Yvette Clark.

Nadler was the only presenter to be heckled — by people who want him to press forward with impeaching Trump.

Five Trumpers guarded by six NYPD officers had their own protest pen on a side of Foley Square.

Participants wave at the federal building.

The rally ended with lights held high.

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