Facebook Hides Behind Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s motto to connect the world is failing, and Zuckerberg isn’t helping

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Cambridge Analytica, the Austin Serial Bomber, and Stanford’s “Manel”

Past Present Episode 124

In this week’s episode, Neil, Natalia, and Niki debate the historical significance of Cambridge Analytica and its relationship with Facebook, a serial bomber in Austin, and an all-white, all-male history conference at Stanford.

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Anachronism with a Kafkaesque Touch

Last Thursday, I received a message via Facebook messenger. The message’s author was (so it read) the Chief Censor of Israel’s Military Censor, one Colonel Ariella Ben-Avraham, and in it she demanded that I submit to the Censor’s warrant. Entering Ben-Abraham’s Facebook page showed a page that was almost empty — her name and picture only. In fact, it seems that the Censor was so embarrassed by all the publicity in recent days that she erased it. When I tried to enter the page today in order to write the post, it …