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America’s Hunger Games

The normalization of mass shootings will only stop when a majority of citizens start acting

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Further thoughts on gun violence, fascism, and resistance


Are Professors Safe When Students Carry Guns?

In light of the tragic shooting this week of UCLA professor William S. Klug, apparently by a student over grades, Public Seminar is reprinting this essay by Simone Gubler. Last year, the Texas legislature voted to allow students to carry concealed handguns onto public campuses. Gubler discusses the impact of this decision, including its incorporation into campus life at the University of Texas, Austin where she is a Teaching Assistant.

The most striking architectural feature of the University of Texas at Austin is the tower that sits atop a hill at the center of campus. It is a twenty-seven story limestone monolith; a “toothpick” according to one detractor, more suited to the New Jersey cityscapes that inspired its architect, than to the landscaped grounds and rows of squat Italianate villas that radiate out from it. The tower is, in many respects, the focal point of university life…