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Past and Present Episode 77

The AHCA, Children's Sleep, and Planets

In this week’s episode, Niki, Neil, and Natalia debate the fate of the American Health Care Act, the constructed nature of children’s sleep, and Pluto’s place among the planets.

Republican members of Congress reviewing the Pelosi health care bill, 2009 © House GOP | Flickr

Insurance Companies, Health Care, and You

Coming to terms with the corporatization of health care

I recently filled out a “Health Assessment” form for my employer and insurance company.

I was queried not only about my diet, exercise, and existing medical conditions. I was also asked about how happy I was at work, if I approved of my boss’s performance, whether I worried about money, and if I had received any recognition from my community in the past year. The computer — the computer! …

Student Health Care © Province of British Columbia | Flickr

Graduate Education and Health Insurance

A fundamental challenge at the New School for Social Research

Last year, NSSR and the University Administration announced a new fellowship initiative for NSSR students. The plan consisted on full scholarships for Ph.D. students that included full tuition and a $20,000 yearly stipend for up to three to five years of study. Dean’s Fellowships were also maintained. The scholarships were rolled out this year: 23 students were recipient of the Prize Fellowship (tuition + stipend) and 12 students received the Dean’s Fellowship (tuition only). The new plan was funded by $1,000,000 given to NSSR by the University. According to my notes taken from various Dean’s Advisory Councils that I attended as a sociology student representative, by 2022, Ph.D. students will be reduced from 510 to 350. As of spring 2014, only 7% of Ph.D. students had full tuition