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MS-13, R. Kelly, and Doctor Who

Past Present: Episode 95

In this week’s episode, Natalia, Niki, and Neil debate the place of MS-13 in the history of street gangs, R. Kelly’s sex cult, and the controversy over the first woman actor to play Doctor Who.


Israel’s Culture of Violence

In contrast to the old image of the Jew who was led to his death in Europe without fighting back, the Israeli military has played a vital role in creating a new model, in which the Jewish soldier is a strong man who fights and kills for survival. From a practical point of view, the Army was important for the Zionist project for settling the land of Palestine because it was through the force, protection, and support of the military that the settlers were and are still able to settle Palestinian land.

For the Army to function properly — especially in the case of Israel, where military service is compulsory, meaning the Army is made up of the majority of the Israeli citizenship — there is a need to rally as much support as possible behind them. This is accomplished through state rhetoric that provides reasons for the necessity of partaking in a military offensive. …