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Warhol: The Revolution that Failed

A review of the Andy Warhol -- From A to B and Back Again exhibition at The Whitney Museum.

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The Story of the “Good War” Must Change

Seeing WWII as an American triumph prevents understanding Russia and Europe today


Radical Objects

A Refugee’s Life Jacket at Manchester Museum

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The Museum of the History of Polish Jews

The return of the secular Jew to a happier Poland

The grand opening of Polin or the Museum of the History of Polish Jews at the end of October was a widely anticipated event, and when its exhibition was finally revealed, the celebration was covered by major media in Europe, the U.S., and, unsurprisingly, Israel. Timothy Garton Ash and Anne Applebaum, among others, acknowledged Poland’s efforts to deal with its own history of Polish-Jewish relations. In the Financial Times Tony Barber emphasized how, today, Warsaw is a safer place for Jews than Berlin or Paris. All this praise comes a long way from the usual connotation: Poland as the place of Nazi death camps. …