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The Mass Psychology of Trumpism

Old and New Myths

Having spent quite some time studying the philosophy of political myth and, in particular, of fascist narratives, I could not but perceive something troubling in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again!” Every word is important. Let us explore each one by one. …

Live viewing party at the U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh, Cambodia, draws an attentive audience for the 1st 2016 Presidential Debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh photo, 2016. © IIP Photo Archive | Flickr
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The Myths of the Clash between Clinton and Trump

On 26 September 2016, I watched the first presidential debate of my life. I am not an American citizen. I do not have the right to vote. I moved to New York only a few years ago. I have not had enough time to become accustomed to American political culture, and I do not get the excitement of a political campaign that begins years before the actual election. I do not even believe in elections as the culminating moment of a democratic life, so I am three times removed from the debate that unfolded in front of my eyes that evening. I still enjoy, …

P52 Migrants , 19 July 2015 © Irish Defence Forces |Flickr

No Border Police, No Border Problems

Most of the debate about the European refugee crisis revolves around whether the responsibility of handling them belongs to European institutions or to individual nation states, and, if the latter, which among them: the first country of entry (as the Dublin regulations established) or some other country. In this brief intervention, I would like to suggest that this is a false dilemma: in terms of citizenship, the European Union is dependent on the nation states that comprise it and thus, as a whole, Europe, as a political organization, is still largely dependent on their underlying logic. But the states are incapable of handling the crisis precisely because they are the very source of it. 

I will be using “migrant” and “refugee” interchangeably. As the summer approaches, and quick rubber-boat rides become easier to access, Europe will again witness an intensification of the economic migration from the North African coast,  …