from New New Babylon, by Ali Dur & McKenzie Wark
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Psychogeography and Speculative Design

Another City for Another Life: I’m starting work on a course, possibly a collaborative one, that would have three components. …

Jean-Bedel Bokassa
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Africa contra Hegel

There was once a fantasy, shared by left and right alike, that the states of the under-developed world could come, …

Asger Jorn, The Disquieting Duckling (1959)
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Asger Jorn: Monsters of all lands unite!

Asger Jorn is acknowledged to be one of the great artists of the postwar years. Even more impressive in my …

Crochet Coral Reef, by Christine & Margaret Wertheim. Photo by Alyssa Gorelick
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Chthulucene, Capitalocene, Anthropocene

It’s a time naming things in another way, because the thing that needs to be named is a certain strange …

Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, September 2011 © CIFOR | Flickr

Photo by Rini Sulaiman for CIFOR

Center for International Forestry Research
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Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing has just published a brilliant book on the global trade in a certain kind of mushroom. As much as I’d like to report on it, I feel like I have to get my head around a previous landmark work of hers before attempting it. Here I’m thinking of her book Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection (Princeton University Press, Princeton NJ, 2005). 

Tsing: “Capitalism, science, and politics all depend on global connections….

Kathryn Hahn as 'Chris' in I Love Dick
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I Love Dick

My prayer to the TV gods when the pilot of I Love Dick screened was “please, let it not suck!” My concern was mostly for the author of the book of the same name on which it is based – Chris Kraus. I want people to read her books. Fortunately, the TV version turned out to be its own, different, interesting thing. Hopefully Amazon will order more of it and turn it into a series. Hopefully it will steer a few more readers to the book on which it is based.

I felt a bit protective of it, for no justifiable reason, …

Pickles the cat.

Issues in 21c Critical Theory

Below is the course I’ll be offering in the Liberal Studies Masters program at the New School for Social Research …

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Virno on Human Nature

One of the central arguments of Paolo Virno’s book When Word Becomes Flesh (Semiotext(e), 2015) is that the conditions of possibility …

#BLM passes The New School.
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Paul Gilroy: Race and ‘Useful Violence’

Aimé Césaire called it: the so-called west is a decaying civilization. In both the United States and Europe, where institutions …

photo by Blake Thompson
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As the veneer of democracy starts to fade…

on Paolo Virno

Paolo Virno offers a curious diagnosis of the times. In A Grammar of the Multitude (Semiotext(e), 2004), he writes of …