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A Pure Solar World

Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism by Paul Youngquist

Category Anxiety: Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

Category Anxiety: Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

It’s been a weird year (the weirdest I can remember at least), and Thursday morning’s announcement that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature made it weirder still. But, overall, it is weird in a welcome way.

Pre-announcement speculation centered on the possibility that the prize might be awarded to an American. Given that Toni …

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At The Beginning Was The Imagination

Anarchism means ana-arche, without an arche, without an overarching ruler, without a beginning that defines once for all whatever has to be defined; it does not mean absence of order but rather the absence of an orderer. Can there be an order without an orderer? Can there be a story without a beginning that contains already within itself the end of the story itself?

At the beginning was the imagination, with its capricious subversive nature. But then a charming guy called “capitalism” arrived on the scene and promised to bring  …

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Stanislaw Baranczak: A Widening Horizon

A tribute

Barańczak is no longer with us. In a while no one will give credence any more to the existence of this Atlantis, this man who transcended boundaries imposed by human force and a system of power. Just like the sunken platonic continent on which there existed or did not exist a civilization more excellent than ours, his work enters the depths of our cultural memory and calls for us to practice u-topia — which is how Paul Celan wrote the word …