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Thoughts on Putin and Trump

Democratic “Interference,” and the Transnational Contest for “Democracy”

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The Women’s March, Russia, and Obama’s Farewell

Past Present: Episode 66

In this week’s episode, Niki, Natalia, and Neil debate the women’s march on Washington, US-Russian relations, and Obama’s final speech to the nation.

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An Anniversary of Crimea Takeover: Borders and the Crime of their Violation

A year ago, Russia occupied Crimea, staged a disputed referendum about seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia, and annexed it to its territory. In postwar history, the annexation of a part of a sovereign country’s territory to the aggressor state has no precedent. There have been several occupations, invasions and secessions since 1945. But until a year ago no part of sovereign state was forcibly acquired by another state and made part of its sovereign territory. …