Submissions and pitches should be sent to

While Public Seminar does review full submissions, if you are writing specifically for us we recommend that you send us a pitch first.

The following conditions apply to both solicited and unsolicited submissions:

  • Normally, the editors do not accept an essay that is also under consideration elsewhere. Please let us know if this is a simultaneous submission.
  • A member of the editorial team will review all full submissions and contact an author within 24 hours.
  • Publication is contingent on the timely completion of the essay, review, or letter.
  • Essays and reviews should be between 1000-2000 words, though we do sometimes consider longer pieces. “Letters” refers to submissions that do not exceed 1000 words. Please visit this page for further details.
  • Submissions must be in Microsoft Word format or a Google Doc and accompanied by any required images, notes, or other materials. Public Seminar normally uses rights-free images and can help find appropriate illustrations, but authors must secure rights/permissions for any images or video that they provide.
  • Authors must submit a short (one-sentence) bio and, if applicable, Twitter handle to be published with their submission.
  • Authors may suggest a title or subtitle, but Public Seminar reserves the right to choose titles and images.
  • Submitters must possess legal use/reuse rights for their own submissions and related materials; they must be prepared to offer similar rights to Public Seminar.
  • Authors submitting pitches in response to one of Public Seminar‘s “Pressing issues of our times” should clearly state in the pitch which issue they are responding to.