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Protesting the Inaugural

The Day Before

Protests at the 45th inaugural began the day before when CodePink, the women-led anti-war group congregated at the line to the inaugural concert to display their signs.  Holding a banner that said “Kiss Me, I’m Peaceful,” about a dozen pink Ladies of Liberty promoted several issues.  Currently these have more to do with immigration than war.  Signs said “no human is illegal” and “refugees welcome.”

Multiple protests by several different groups will be going on during inaugural day, despite forecasts of rain.  Training for participants has been going on all week at two local churches.  The primary one by DisruptJ20 will be a Festival of Resistance in front of Union Station.  ANSWER is putting up a stage right on the parade route where it will have an all day anti-Trump concert along with speakers and chanting.  It will disperse after the Presidential limousine goes by, before the parade actually begins.

The CodePinkers weren’t anti-Trump so much as in favor of positions he opposes, and opposed to positions he favors.  Several people wearing Trump scarves and red “Make America Great Again” hats posed for photos with them.

After about an hour of standing in front of the concert line they walked down the street, attracting even more attention and press interviews.  They passed out pink pussy hats for women to wear at the Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21 to the many women who said they were supporters.  Knitted by women all over the country, CodePink has 5,000 to pass out. Inside each one is a little note identifying the maker.  Mine was made by Pam in Sturgeon Bay Wisc. The hats are a way of protesting Trump’s assaults on women by grabbing their pussies.

It seemed that everyone was in a light mood.  Vendors were selling bags, buttons, and hats.  The Jesus freaks carried told everyone to “Repent” and “Beware of False Prophets.”  Police were present but in small numbers. Their biggest problem was getting people to stay out of the street.

Jo Freeman

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